• Strategy. Change. Innovation.

    Specialists in Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Transformation

  • What We Do

    Our Expertise: Strategy, Change & Innovation


    We advise and support our clients in their M&A journey, guiding them on the M&A process,

    M&A impact analysis, future state design and transformation approach.

    We work with our clients to build sustainable growth

    by integrating strategy development, change management, and innovation capabilities.

    Strategy Development

    We guide you to break out from the competition!

    Deal sourcing (build-up/cross-border)

    Business turnaround

    Growth strategy

    Transition Management​​​​​​​​​

    We engage

    and get you there!

    ​Post M&A integration / divestment 

    Interim management

    Transformation programme

    Innovation Management

    We bring you a new path

    to growth!

    New market development

    Customer centric innovations

    Innovation engine development

  • Incubator

    Our Moto: the fun starts here!

    With the idea that consultants need to practice what they preach, Imperial Owls has its own venture finance and incubation arm. Our business incubator provides an early-stage investment support to turn creativity into exciting business ventures.​

    Focusing on disruptive innovations,

    we aim to change the rules of the game.

    Disruptive Innovation

    We set course for an uncharted sea!

    Think Zipcar, Netflix or Amazon. We understand how simpler, more accessible or lower cost products can transform markets.

    Business Model Innovation

    We see "white space" growth opportunities just everywhere

    Growth can come not just from what you sell but how. We design new ways of doing business and unleashing new value.

    Ethnographic Research

    We believe in innovations through emphatic design

    Understanding customers is key. We have adopted a 360-degree perspective, focusing on the hidden functional and emotional aspects.

  • Innovation Portfolio

    Check out our latest ventures!


    Flash-sales platform for high-street retailers.

    KwikSnapp is an innovative digital sales channel aimed at businesses wishing to boost foot traffic during lull periods, develop local brand recognition, and increase today's sales volume. On this self-managed mobile platform, retailers can advertise day-only promotions and adjust the offers in real-time, based on shoppers’ interest.

    Our app (web, iOS, android) will revolutionise high street retailers capacity to engage on-the-go shoppers through dynamic pricing.

    We bring high-street retailers into the digital age.


  • About Us

    Jean Paul Meynard

    Managing Director

    DIY fanatic, novice sailor, cheese lover, wine connoisseur, innovation evangelist and happy dad.
    I am also part shape-shifter, adapting and moving easily between vastly different cultures, and part bridge-builder - designing and erecting robust structures that make two different businesses become one.

    MBA qualified I have a deep interest and knowledge in growth strategy implementation and company-wide transformations, that has borne witness to my significant successes in Europe and APAC as a Business Integration and Carve-out specialist.


    To discuss my work, explore opportunities to grow knowledge together, or obtain a honest feedback on a business idea, let's connect or meet up for coffee (or 🍷 ).

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    Get assistance to source new targets for build-ups within your portfolio companies.

    Rely on a M&A integration director for your upcoming deal.

    Complement your team with specific M&A integration skills.

    Secure a safe pair of hands to carve out part of your business.


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